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Peter Wise On His Latest Album, Unattached

Peter Wise stopped by the studio to tell us about his latest album, Unattached. Peter writes his own lyrics, plays multiple instruments, has an incredible voice, and produces his own music. AKA He is TALENTED!

He has been playing guitar since he was 5 years old and piano since 6 years old. He originally moved to NYC to go to school but decided to focus on becoming a singer-songwriter. One of his biggest influences is John Mayer, who you can hear in some of Peter's music (especially his song Feel The Rain).

Peter played his songs No Matter What You Do and Proud of Me live in the studio and... DAMN! We were lucky to see him perform. Listen to our full interview below!

Peter Wise will be performing at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn, NY on September 18, 2018. Follow him on social media @peterwisemusic.

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