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The Stolen Has Stolen Our Hearts

One of my new favorite bands, The Stolen, joins me in the studio! They stopped by to talk about their debut self-titled album which was released on May 31, 2019. The album is #45 on the Billboard Alt New Artists Chart, and features the songs Rooftop, Overboard, Millennial, and Change the Record.

The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Dominick Cuce, guitarist Rob Chiarappa, bassist Kevin Smart, and drummer Mike Chiarappa. The guys have been playing music together since elementary school, performing Motown tunes at their Fifth Grade Fun Night. We chat about some of their influences and how their sound has evolved throughout the years. They also explain some of the main themes of the album. The Stolen is on tour now and you’ve got to check them out if they’re in a city near you.

Check out our interview to hear about some of Kevin’s high school phases, the amount of water that Mike drinks daily, the big Jersey debate of pork roll vs taylor ham, Kevin eating more than anyone ever, and Rob disappearing during loading.

Listen to our full interview with The Stolen to hear more about their album, stories from tour, and even a fun game of This or That!

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