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Bradley Kim is living in slow-mo on new single "live in slow mo"

Singer-Songwriter, Bradley Kim is riding the high after opening for Dermot Kennedy and Bishop Briggs at their Indianapolis show this past week. After having that life-changing experience, Bradley’s intuitions about music were solidified. That night just confirmed that music was what he wanted to do the rest of his life. After gaining hundreds of new supporters that night, he began getting requests for new music & he’s going to deliver. Bradley has just released “Live In Slow Mo” (With NAYL) and he is set to release a fan favorite, “High School” on September 3rd.

“We kind of got into this headspace when me and Kaleb (nayl) were writing the song. We wanted it to be a petty breakup song because breakups can’t do that to anyone. The line “hello babe, where’d you go? I’m convinced it’s important that I know” is an example of this kind of toxic behavior all of us can fall victim to because feelings don’t just go away when a relationship ends and that leads to jealousy.” - Bradley explains

“We were intending on making something downtempo and LoFi. We achieved it, but we also made more of a banger than we meant to. It’s got hard hitting 808s and energized vocals to give this song a little bit of everything.” – Bradley continued

“Live in slow mo is about how break-up can change you in the short run. We can feel ourselves behaving irrationally and making dumb mistakes, but reflecting on these mistakes later can change us for the better.” – Kaleb (NAYL) explains.

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