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LA alt pop artist L E A on her debut EP "Jersey Boy"

Growing up in the small, yet touristy beach town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, L E A was home grown from every and all kinds of rock n roll. The Los Angeles based artist has intertwined the boldness of punk with the beachiness of pop turning her into the alternative pop act she is today. Inspired by artists such as Mayday Parade, Charlotte Sands, Secondhand Serenade, Cherie Amour, and many more from the iconic Warped Tour era, L E A considers her sound colorful, extroverted, aggressive, and blunt. Having a heavy musical background, lower timbre rock vocals, and an obsession with the colorful world around her, L E A is sure to stand out in a crowd and make her presence known. After all, she is a Leo.

Realizing the global impact social media can make after L E A's college a cappella group went viral, she took off on a mission to pursue music as a full-time career. After accumulating almost 20k on Instagram since she relaunched her music career when moving to LA in 2018, L E A strives to engage with her fanbase and take any interview or feature she can get landing her the streaming numbers she has today.

On her debut EP Jersey Boy, L E A shares “I feel like this EP is my journey back home. Metaphorically, of course. Though I have moved on from my hometown, I realized how much of me still lies within it. I feel like I brought Jersey to LA.” L E A grew up in a household of classic rock and jazz and attended a private school that held music classes and band rehearsals in a trailer filled with students obsessing over rock n roll and pop punk. “I think I always knew I was going to find my way back to rock, since that’s where I started”. Jersey Boy rehashes old feelings, brings out L E A’s masculine energy, welcomes the former pop artist into rock, and allows her to embrace her emotions in this next chapter of new genres and new love.

Check out our full interview with L E A on our podcast PopRocks Interviews:

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