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Saint Slumber on their fourth EP "how to lose your self"

Saint Slumber consists of vocalist Joshua Perna, guitarist Aaron Brown, and drummer Stephan Stanzione. Josh and Aaron grew up together in the suburban sprawl between New York City and Philadelphia, and after a decade of playing music together they met Stephan.

From 2017-2020 the band debuted their first era: the YOUTH// trilogy. Over the three years they released three EPs, each garnering more attention and success than its predecessor. In their first year they went from their first house show to their first arena, amassing millions of streams in the process.

The band shared the stage with acts such as Thirty Seconds to Mars, Walk the Moon, AJR, Judah & the Lion, and more. Collaborating across genre lines with acts such as Adventure Club + Armnhmr, the band found success in multiple sounds and scenes, scoring placements on Spotify’s “New Music Friday,” “New Noise,” and “Rocktronic” editorial playlists.

In 2020, the band closed their first chapter and began their 2nd era: “N.N.N.N.” as the world screeched to a halt during the pandemic, the band premiered their darker and more complex sound with their fourth EP cycle, how to lose your self, opening the band up to millions of new fans with singles such as “peachy” and “Guillotine” across editorial and third party playlists.

In 2022 the band returns to the stage in support of their debut full length album cycle. lead single “NO DUH.” premiered just in time for summer with a placement on Spotify’s “Indie Pop.” the band’s debut LP is slated for release in early 2023.

Check out our full interview with Josh Perna of Saint Slumber on our podcast PopRocks Interviews:

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