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EXNATIONS Helps You Dance While You Cry

EXNATIONS is an indie/pop band based out of Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD; comprised of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O'Neill. The group combines two obviously opposite emotions in their music, and mesh them together to create a relatable and energetic sound.

Taylor Hughes stopped by the studio and... I think we became BFF's. My face hurt from laughing! We learned the beautiful new age millennial love story of three people who met on a Craiglist ad and Facebook and became an incredible band.

Their newest single, "Can't Get Hurt," is a relatable indie/pop bop about wanting to take a break from reality and responsibilities. Taylor explains that everyone deals with their own anxiety and wants to shut down, which helped inspire their latest song. In typical EXNATIONS fashion, the song isn't wallowing in the sadness, but instead lets you dance while you cry! Listen below to hear EXNATIONS' latest release, Can't Get Hurt.

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