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New Jersey pop-rocker Highwind releases double single “Never Sitting Pretty” // “Reds & Blues”

Photo by Kris Khunachak

Highwind is the pop-rock solo project of New Jersey-based singer/songwriter, Chris Russo Jr. After playing in multiple bands of many different genres since the age of 17, Chris started Highwind in May of 2018 as an attempt to get a fresh start at doing what he loved; writing brutally honest music that felt alive and full of color. Chris recorded his first EP titled, “How’ve You Been?” between May and October of 2018 with New Jersey-based producer, CJ Rarela. The EP was released the following January. Consistent touring across the East Coast followed the months after the release of the first EP. In October of 2019, Highwind released a stand-alone single titled, ‘2023.” (produced by Pete Zengerle) “2023,” immediately drew in a new crowd of listeners who were very interested in what Chris had to say with his honesty-tinged pop-punk. With his single, “Crashing, Burning,” (Produced by Skyeline bassist, Jack Rose) Chris introduced his listeners to a new form of, "dramatic," or, “bastardized," pop music. Pulling influences from pop-punk, pop, alternative rock, and indie pop genres, Highwind still does what Chris set out to do with the project in the beginning; to write brutally honest music that feels more alive and full of more color than ever before.

“Reds and Blues” is an energetic, soaring pop-rock song about the different shapes and forms that love can take. About the track, frontman Chris Russo says, “This was the first time I wrote a love song and was ecstatic about the outcome. I didn’t want to write a love song that was straight to the point. I wanted to be abstract, but not abstract enough to where people didn’t get the point.”

“Never Sitting Pretty” takes on the same upbeat pop-rock sound, while its lyrics focus on not letting negativity get to you and giving all of yourself to everything that you do. According to Russo, “Life sucks...however, it does get better. ‘Never Sitting Pretty’ is my ‘life does get better’ anthem.”

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