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Olivia Castriota is back with her latest indie pop single "never lie about you"

Remember when you swore you’d never cross that line in an argument but then the pettiness in your bones got the best of you? That’s exactly the inspiration behind ‘never lie about you’. That moment when you’re feeling a bit too playfully cocky and say a bunch of things you don’t actually mean and the only way to diffuse the situation is to smile and say, “I love you.” Like the song says: “I lie a little bit more than I like too”. But the truth is, I would never lie about how much I love you.

Olivia Castriota is a NYC based Powerhouse Pop Vocalist. Transcending the limitations of singular genres, blending pop, soul and electronic music into a completely unique sound of her own; she’s gained the attention of major publications such as Rolling Stone, PopDust and Paste Magazine. In her most recent release, “I Need a Minute,” which was produced by Grammy Nominated Sean Hamilton, the album evokes powerful emotion and the lyrics are incredibly personal and reflective as Olivia tackles the complexities of the heart. “Feelings are my favorite and I love, love,” said Olivia. Whether you’re in the mood for a cry your eyes out heartbreak song or a badass anthem, Olivia is just what you’ve been searching for.

Stream "never lie about you" on Spotify now:

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