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Today's Mix: 12/3/19

Cover: Julia Jacklin

Check out the tracklist below for our latest episode! Tune in live every Tuesday at 7:00pm EDT on to hear new music from up and coming artists.


  1. Julia Jacklin - Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You

  2. Charlotte Lawrence - God Must Be Doing Cocaine

  3. Field Medic - i want you so bad it hurts

  4. Bad Bad Hats - Makes Me Nervous

  5. Softee - Oh No

  6. Kishi Bashi - Penny Rabbit and Summer Bear

  7. Pom Pom Squad - Cherry Blossom

  8. Dreamer Boy - Falling for the Wrong One

  9. Annie Hamilton - Kitchen

  10. Ray Silvers - Drive

  11. Violents - I’m Not There

  12. Rachel Bobbitt & Justice Der - Beneath Our Feet (Exit Music)

  13. Nathan Bajar - When I’m With Her

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