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Pop-Punk Alternative Newcomer Fading Out Releases Debut Single "A Little More"

Fading Out is the project of Brooklyn-based artist and host of PopRocks, Evan Bieber. Bieber grew up on pop-punk and emo bands from the early 2000’s (The Starting Line, blink-182), 90’s alternative rock (Third Eye Blind), and today’s indie music (Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver). His influences are apparent in his blend of genres that sound current, yet somehow feels nostalgic.

“A Little More” is an energetic debut with infectious melodies that give a liberating rush of adolescence. The vulnerable lyricism places you in an intimate conversation. The chorus is an open confession and promise to be a better person in a relationship. “You told me you needed more / And I told you I could give a little more to you / And I’ve run out of excuses / But we both know that’s all I ever do.”

On the message behind “A Little More,” Bieber shares, “Maintaining a healthy relationship requires putting in an equal amount of effort. When one person isn’t doing enough, the other ends up doing too much. This song was written after a conversation where I was told that I need to do more. Sometimes, we get so comfortable in a relationship or a friendship that we might forget to do our part. ‘A Little More’ is an acknowledgement and commitment to do better.”

Bieber worked with producer Rob Chiarappa (Jake Miller, The Stolen, Brick + Mortar, Malu Trevejo) to record his upcoming EP at The Barber Shop Studios in Hopatcong, New Jersey. The EP touches on topics including mental health, relationships, and a reflection on youth and growing up.

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