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America Part Two focuses on social issues and growing up on their album 'Price of a Nation'

Photo Credit: Nicky Fecht-Muller

America Part Two is a NJ-based trio who utilizes their platform to journalize the experience of being a young adult in America today. Social issues, growing up, political climate & love are just a few topics the band discuss in their music.

“Glaciers” follows the release of their latest single “I Don’t Wanna” which was released last month. Both tracks come off of the band’s latest album Price Of A Nation, released on March 12 via Revival Recordings.

On the single, the band shares, "'Glaciers' is our love letter to the Earth. Mary-Louise Parker wrote so eloquently, 'Time should weep for having spent me without you' about the one that got away in her life. We took that theme and applied it to the pain future human beings would feel knowing that we let this Earth get away from us. That we dumped our shit into the oceans, tortured the animals, and burned the forests for all the wrong reasons. So now, it's up to us, the people of the 2020's to save the world. That is no exaggeration."

The trio formed in 2017, and is made up of Alex Fabio (vox/guitar), Fred Rainville (vox/bass) & Sam Weingarten (drums) The trio’s first single, “Split” launched them into online notoriety with over 17,000 views on the music video in fall 2018. They’ve supported national acts like The Moms and A Will Away on tour, in addition to their regional headlining schedule. 2019 saw the release of two singles which brought them to new heights in the streaming world after landing three Spotify editorial playlists. Work ethic is what set the band apart during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they found innovative ways to interact with fans including playing the first drive-in show in New Jersey.

At a time when many artists were contemplating their next move, AP2 inked their first record deal with Revival Recordings. Their introductory release with the label came in the form of a two-song thriller entitled “Split 2020” // “Freedom” in fall 2020. Blending the sounds of 90’s garage, 60’s psychedelic & 2000’s emo, these three young songwriters are ready to provide the humanistic soundtrack for a new age. Ultimately, America part two has one mission: to Perpetuate Love and Fight Hate.

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