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Cade Hoppe's 'On My Way Down' explores the initial feelings of falling for someone

Imagine if The National made a Taylor Swift record endorsed by Chris Martin, Jack Antonoff, and Ben Folds—now you essentially have a Cade Hoppe record. No matter whose music inspires comparison, Cade sets himself apart from others in the pop landscape with his warm, baritone vocals complemented by earnest lyricism and sticky pop melodies.

In 2020, Cade—with the help of his stepbrother, Nick Adams—spent two summer months in his hometown of El Dorado Hills, California, recording a collection of songs released in October under the title, “Poor Man’s Love”. This 13-song album had a couple of popular tracks that earned him a modest but loyal following. Within the first month of release, “Best Friend” (the third single) had nearly 20,000 Spotify streams due to a strong push by Spotify’s algorithmic “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” playlists, and “Up Late” had 10,000.

This piano alt-rock album has since been considered by Cade to be a preface to the first chapter of his music career, kicking off with his indie-pop debut, "Loverly High". It was an initial meeting in late 2020 with producer Harper James of indie pop-duo Eighty Ninety that led to the production of "Loverly High” and several more records that have yet to be released. His latest single in this series, "On My Way Down,” was released last Friday, June 18th.

"On My Way Down" is the up-beat indie pop follow-up single to "Loverly High"—the second in a series of ongoing collaborations this NYC-based artist has done with producer Harper James. This record is driven by controlled chaos and a punchy backbeat, interlaced with intimate storytelling. Its verses explore the evolution of connection through those first few encounters with a person as the spark hits and triggers feelings of something more. The catchy descending melodies of the chorus will have the listener falling too; by the time the bridge hits it will be a full-blown free fall as Cade pleads, "But you're right here with me now/Come on babe are you ready/To jump and follow me down?/I'll catch you if you just let me/Let me.”

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