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Deep Talk Releases New Single and Special B-Side “Walking in the Park” “The Night Wind”

Deep Talk, a San Francisco and Portland based band, releases new single “Walking in the Park” along with special B-side “The Night Wind.”

Despite their short time on the scene, Deep Talk is already on the radar with interviews on San Francisco local radio giants BFF.FM’s blog and across the pond in Wilde Music Magazine. Deep Talk recently performed a live, stripped-to-the-bones version of their debut single “Win” on Twin Peaks Sessions.

“Walking in the Park” is a meditative, pulsing song of a woman walking through the streets, switching between yearning and satisfaction. It rises to a satisfying, celebratory finish with the final chorus “Lights don’t keep me awake like you do / lots of texts in the air that don’t go through / I can make myself laugh so I do / but I didn’t laugh with you.”

Singer Christina Li, who has over 300,000 streams on Spotify as a solo artist, wrote the verse in college while still finding confidence in herself. “Oddly the chorus came to me in Amsterdam, my favorite city to walk around aimlessly, after a sleepless night,” she said. “I tried to capture that feeling of being happy but while nursing the headache of bad decisions from the night before.”

“The Night Wind” is a pet project of the band and a modern music adaptation of Emily Bronte’s poem, with arrangements that bring to mind Imogen Heap and Vienna Teng.

Sounds Good Blog called their debut single"Win" - "one of the strangest, [most] interesting songs I’ve heard in a while... It grooves and creeps me out all at once, something I can enjoy again and again." Eat This Music, Glasse Rocks, and Start Track have all added "Win" to their playlists for listeners.

Deep Talk plans to release an EP in 2021 among other singles.

Listen to "Walking in the Park" on Spotify:


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