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Disco Shrine releases her debut EP 'xoxo, disco'

LA born pop sensation Disco Shrine, aka Persian Barbie, is unapologetically herself. This firecracker, known as a songwriter, world-traveling DJ, and event curator has just released her debut EP xoxo, disco out now! Nothing shines brighter in 2021 than self-love and confidence, and this EP is just that. This project chronicles what a 20-something's dating life in Los Angeles looks like. "xoxo, disco is a love letter to myself where I tell myself that it's okay to feel lonely one day and like a bad bitch the next day," Shrine explains. xoxo, disco is an honest reflection—from fun and uplifting tracks to raw emotion, Disco captures the magic of her tribulations in a special way.

With a heavy hitting bass inducing memories of dance-fueled, raucous nights out, focus single "xoxo" from the xoxo, disco EP is as sassy and rebellious as Disco Shrine herself. This anti-valentines day powerhouse track evokes the ingenuity of trailblazers like M.I.A and Gwen Stefani with a boss-girl attitude that doesn't give a f**k about what anyone has to say. Disco is as inseparable from the lustrous pop aesthetic of her music as the gloss is from her lips. She sings, "I don't need to tell you what I want, cause it's not you and I mean it from the heart. You're like xoxo, and I'm like hell no" We can all take a page out of Disco's book – who chooses self love and empowerment whether that means being strong enough to walk away or vulnerable enough to open up and let love in.

This EP features a powerhouse of collaborators including Ceci G (Broods, Pell, Uffie, Gia Woods, The Veronicas), TayDex (Phem, Tei Shi, Fat Tony), Waine (Party Favor, Jai Wolf, Robokid, Wes Period), Magdalena Bay, Liz Nistico (Holychild), Louie Diller (Holychild), Naserin Bogado (Cailin Russo, Meg Myers, Maggie Lindemann, Kitten), Hannah Kopenburg, Annie Wagstaff, Nicole Lipp 💋

Photo Credit: Nicole Lipp

The LA born and raised talent grew up to Iranian parents who immigrated to America. Her parents' story and her personal upbringing inspired her debut single, "Up In The Air" (2018), which was released through French label Kitsune in partnership with the NBA. The track went on to receive accolades from numerous publications and touched global audiences, charting in countries like Spain, Greece, France, and Sweden. Disco Shrine has spent the past few years giving back to fellow immigrants and has become notorious for curating pop-up events in unconventional locations such as laundromats, barber shops, and mattress stores to advocate for immigrant rights. Through her music she's found her voice and it's a voice so many can relate to. Over the last year Disco has released a slew of singles which have amassed praise from the likes of PAPER, Earmilk, The Line of Best Fit and several others.

If you missed our 2019 interview, check it out below on our podcast PopRocks Interviews!

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