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Boy Willows On His New Single, I'm Good

Boy Willows stops by the studio to talk about his upcoming concerts for SoFarSounds and Rockwood Music Hall! Boy Willows is a Los Angeles-based indie folk electronica artist with a unique sound.

Boy Willows learned to play the guitar at 8 years old, inspired by the movie School of Rock. He's been writing and recording his own music since then. He told us a little bit about his song, "I'm Good," and about his cool 80's camp themed music video.

Boy Willows also performs two brand new songs live, "Lunette" and "Shallow Hot Springs." And, as you can imagine, he was freaking amazing live.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @boywillowsmusic

Music includes: Boy Willows, James Blake, José González, Still Woozy, ROLE MODEL, and Mk.Gee

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