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Clever Girls On Their New Album, Luck

Clever Girls is an indie-rock band from Burlington, VT. Lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Diane Jean called in to the studio to tell us about indie-rock band Clever Girls, from Burlington, VT. Diane describes Clever Girls' music as "rock music that's kind of a little confused" as well as "country shoegaze" since they are influenced by country artists.

Diane moved to Vermont without knowing anyone and without ever being in a band before. She sent an ad out on Craiglist and ended up meeting her bandmates from there!! She said that they are now best friends and part of each other's families, even having "soup nights" together!

First of all, just wanted to say that Diane was one of the sweetest people we've ever interviewed before. She was so kind and humble. Secondly, we love their band name (and the inspo behind it) as well as their new album, Luck. Listen to the full interview below to hear songs from Luck!

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