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Matt Talley On His EP The In Between

Baltimore-based alternative rock musician Matt Talley calls in to tell us about his EP The In Between!

Matt Talley grew up in a religious home, which has impacted the content of his music today with thought provoking lyrics questioning what religion means and the community that surrounds it. Matt mentioned that he is grateful that it put him in a community of musicians that challenged him to craft his sound.

Matt's EP is also about his struggle with depression, which he has been open about on his EP and on social media.

His song, "Excommunicate" is a blunt song about his feelings and views on religion, sexual orientation, race and other topics covered on his EP. Check out his music video for Excommunicate below.

If you want to learn more about Matt Talley, visit his website at or follow him on social media @MattTalleyMusic. Listen to the full interview below!

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