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MILKK On Their EP If You're Reading This, I Love You

Lead singer/songwriter and guitarist/keyboardist Pat Kiloran from the indie-pop band MILKK calls in the studio to talk about their latest EP If You're Reading This, I Love You.

MILKK has become an internet sensation with extremely dedicated fans. Pat explains his relationship that they've built with their fans and how much the band values the relationship with them. He also explains how much he loves to drag them! But they drag him too, selling out t-shirts that read "pat kiloran sux."

We also chat about the recording process and inspiration for their latest EP. Check out their newest single "Leaving" below!

We also play a game of 90 Second Countdown: MILKK Edition, Pat tries to name the most popular milk products! Can he name them all? Listen below to for the full episode!

Follow MILKK on all social media outlets @wearemilkk or check out their website for information about how you can see them on tour.

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