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UNBLOOM Makes Us Dance With New Song, I Followed

UNBLOOM is a dance/pop musician who writes and produces his own music, plays multiple instruments, and sings. I first heard about him when he remixed EXNATION’s song, “Can’t Get Hurt.” I played the song on PopRocks and started following him on Twitter. I quickly learned that not only is he the nicest person to exist on all social media platforms, he’s extremely talented as well. After stalking him on Twitter for awhile, I was fortunate enough to chat with him on air about his music.

He started off his music career by playing drums in jazz and funk bands in high school. UNBLOOM was inspired to delve into creating dance music after hearing Disclosure’s album, Settle. You can definitely hear their influences in the songs that he has released so far. His discography includes upbeat songs with emotional lyrics and talented features. UNBLOOM said that he loves making music that people can emote and dance to.

It seems that UNBLOOM did just that with his latest single, “I Followed.” The song is a fun track to dance around to. It has a great beat, with a summery vibe and a sprinkle of heartfelt lyrics. I Followed is an anthem for those who want to follow their gut, come to peace with their own thoughts, and move forward to pursue their passion. It’s an extremely relatable song for those who question their daily routine and their sense of purpose.

To learn more about UNBLOOM, listen to our full interview below! Follow UNBLOOM on Twitter @UNBLOOMMusic or Instagram @Unbloom_Music

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