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Matt Talley: The In Between

We finally have Matt Talley in the studio after our last interview with him over the phone in June! Matt is an alternative rock singer-songwriter from Baltimore here to talk about and perform songs from his latest EP, The In Between.

Matt recently just debuted his latest music video for his single, Let Go. Matt describes the video as a day in the life of a show. It starts with unloading to loading in, with green room, sound check, full show, and the breather after a show. Let Go is the last song on the EP, which is about his experience growing up in church. The song is a culmination of his process of him trying to find his way in a space that he knows what he believes, knows what he grew up being taught, what the world pushes, where he is and where he lives, and him saying enough is enough. “Let’s let people be people, believe what they want to believe, and let go.” Check out the music video below!

Matt believes the next big thing in music will be religion. “How do I connect with something bigger than myself, bigger than music, bigger than politics, bigger than love, bigger than anything that I’ve ever experienced from an outside point of view?... How do I reckon with the universe and things that I will never have a full comprehension about? How do I give other people a point of view to what I experienced from it?” Matt’s EP The In Between perfectly captures his unique perspective on religion and the world.

Matt started off his tour in Amityville, NY and he went to the Amityville Horror House. Check out for more information about where you can see Matt on tour! Check out our full interview below to learn more about Matt, and hear a fun game of Would You Rather?

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