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EXNATIONS On Their Debut EP, Tiny Sound In The Dark

EXNATIONS joins us in the studio to talk about their debut EP, Tiny Sound in the Dark! EXNATIONS is an indie/pop band based out of Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD; comprised of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O'Neill. We met Taylor back in March, when we learned about the beautiful new age millennial love story of three people who met on a Craiglist ad and Facebook and became an incredible band. Since then, we’ve seen them perform a number of times and have rocked out to their EP more times than we can count.

Hanging out with Taylor, John, and Sal pretending to be a member of EXNATIONS

Tiny Sound in the Dark was inspired by a 1916 Carl Sandburg poem called “Fog.” Sal explained that the themes on this EP are about finding hope in dark times. “A tiny sound in the dark could be bad, it could be good, but it’s intriguing.”

EXNATIONS just finished their Tiny Tour in the Dark and shared with us some of their tour stories. In addition to having no AC in a crowded van, they also had a penny that stayed with them on the bumper of the car through each stop of the tour. They also made a Tiny Tour in the Dark documentary, which you can check out below!

Follow EXNATIONS on Twitter @EXNATIONSBAND and Instagram @exnations or visit Listen below to hear the full episode including tons of laughter, and a game called Tiny Sounds in the Dark!


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