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Saint Slumber Is Back With Their New EP YOUTH//2

Josh Perna from electro-pop alternative rock group Saint Slumber calls in to tell us about their new EP YOUTH//2. This is the second EP from their three part YOUTH series. Saint Slumber produces their own music and directs their own videos. They recently released their latest single and music video for STAY AWAY. The video features visuals reminiscent of 80’s film with dreamy, retro vibes.

They started off their tour in Brooklyn and put on a spectacular show. They give so much energy and emotion in each performance.

You still have time to see Saint Slumber on tour with Young Rising Sons! Check them out if you’re by one of these cities:

Oct 14 - Washington, DC

Oct 18 - Cleveland Heights, OH

Oct 21 - Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 22 - Allston, MA

Follow Saint Slumber on Twitter @sntslmbr and Instagram @saintslumber or visit Listen to our full interview below!

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