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The Chordaes On Their New Single, 'Venus'

The Chordaes is a NYC-based indie rock band consisting of singer/guitarist Leo Sawikin, drummer Ethan Glenn, guitarist Kevin Foley, and keyboardist Dan Cobert. Leo, Ethan, and Kevin stopped by the studio to promote their brand new single, Venus.

Leo explains that Venus is about, “a situation where somebody finds themselves unable to escape from somebody. No matter where they go and what they do, that person finds a way back into their life.” Venus is the first single off their new EP which will be released early 2019.

The Chordaes also performed stripped down versions of Venus, California, What We Breathe In, and Miles Across the Sea live in the studio! Listen to the full interview with live performances below.

The Chordaes will be performing at our PopRocks Fest on Monday, November 12 at 9:30pm at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn, NY.

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