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90's Kids Makes Feel-Good Music

We love nothing more than a good #tbt to the 90’s. Our new addiction, 90’s Kids, brings back your favorite nostalgic feel good alt-pop sound. Corey Mouch, Robby MacAskill, Matt King, and Jordan McVey called into the studio to tell us about their latest single, Heartbeat!

Corey and Robby were roommates in college at Ohio University and have been playing music together ever since! Even though the band is less than one year old, they already have a contagious alt-pop sound that can compare to The 1975, LANY, and The WLDLFE. Their song “Adeline” is one of our favorite releases of 2018!

Listen to the full interview for our This or That: 90’s Edition to find out about some of the guys’ favorite things from the 90’s. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?


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