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FM Towns' Debut 'Sleep For Another Year'

“This place is an incubator, holding in everyone’s ambitions, regrets and dreams of escape.”

FM Towns is a songwriter and musician from Suffolk. During the 1990s his teenage years were made bearable by an FM radio walkman which accompanied him through the grey and green detachment of small town rural England.

FM Towns now writes about his experiences from a cupboard studio in West London. His arrangements are built around layered falsetto melodies that blend memories of long forgotten hymns, 80's melancholia and classic songwriting into carefully crafted vignettes of a time half-remembered.

FM Town’s first release – “Sleep For Another Year” is a hymn to a lacklustre 2020 and a paean to the ephemeral nature of childhood against the salt and stone of the outside world. It was mixed by grammy-award winning mix engineer Eduardo De La Paz at Tostada.


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