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KTJ & Carly on their songwriting process and their emotional song 'Rollercoaster'

Photo by Jake Pool

KTJ & CARLY return with their powerful new single, "Rollercoaster." The duo, who write, produce, and perform all their music, frequently combine influences of EDM and soulful pop into masterful storytelling performances. Over the past year, they've experienced incredible growth off the success of their debut EP, "Identity." Their single "Cherry Coke," was featured on everything from Apple Music's 'New in Pop' playlist, to American Songwriter, Euphoria and Flaunt Magazine, while their powerful voices have graced stages at The Hotel Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall, and virtual performances at PrideFest and on Clubhouse. With the release of "Rollercoaster," we see a different, softer side of KTJ & CARLY. Deeply emotional and mature, the track explores the intense ups and downs of loving someone unconditionally, despite the damage they might do to you in the long run. Inspired by the quote "Often, the thing we fall in love with, is the very thing that makes fall out of love," they dive into the deep end as they reflect on the adventure and tragedy of love itself. Their understated vocals, filled with the intensity of each rolling high and every devastating low, conveys simmering pain. While the production effervesces with a quaking, bass-driven atmospheric instrumentation that showcases their mastery in building stunning songs that tell a story. KTJ & CARLY's newest single, "Rollercoaster, is out now.

Photo by Jake Pool

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