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Listen to Mallbangs beautiful debut EP "Put Me Out"

Mallbangs is the musical project of sole proprietor Josh Smith who collects a cabal of Atlanta, Georgia musicians -- Benjamin Homola & Daniel Gleason (Grouplove) provide drums and bass/synths, respectively, Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers) drums, Grace Repasky (Lunar Vacation) bass -- to flesh out a distinctly forward-leaning brand of classic bedroom pop.

Drawing equally from 2000's peak-indie stalwarts in the vein of Grouper and The Books, experimentalists in arrangement such as Bjork or Steve Reich, as well as cult songwriter favorites Sibylle Baier and Sparklehorse, Mallbangs presents a modernized concoctive sound that is ethereally amorphous, but singular.

With a host of arrangement flourishes and propulsive, linear song forms, Put Me Out EP retains an impressionistic bent amongst its airtight production and arrangement style. The crew went mask-on at Atlanta's Big Trouble Studios during Covid Autumn, engineered by co-owner TJ Elias and produced by the aforementioned Daniel Gleason.

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