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NJ's debut EP "Platinum" Release Party!

NJ’s debut EP titled “Platinum” is all about acknowledging your self-worth & growing your independence. Influenced by many, all of these songs are unique and definitely worthy of blasting in the car. If you’re looking for songs to jam to all summer.

NJ is a bedroom-pop artist based in Atlanta, GA. As a teen growing up in Ohio, NJ began to hone into her craft and started to pursue her music career full time. Through her music, NJ is passionate about spreading the message of female empowerment. Since releasing her debut track "POV" in 2019, she has amassed over 70k+ streams on single "Hypnotized" with zero promotion or press.

We had a release party on Instagram Live and talked about recording her debut EP, our love for Ariana Grande, and astrology! Watch our Instagram Live party on our PopRocks IGTV

Stream "Platinum" on Spotify:


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