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Serena Foster's message about bullying on her latest single 'High School'

Photo shot by Brooke Boyer

Serena Foster is a Los-Angeles based pop artist. She is known for her electro-pop vibe and unique singing style. She has a passion for performing and creating beautiful visuals on stage, as well as in her music videos.

"High School" is a song written to all the haters out there, more specifically, the bullies. Serena was bullied throughout her entire high school experience, and never fully healed from the pain that she went through. After writing this song, she found that all the hurt she endured was worth it, and in fact a reminder that she will never be like those bullies she faced growing up. Serena hopes that this song can help anyone that was also bullied or made fun of as well, and wants them to remember that sometimes the best part of surviving a hard time, is looking back and knowing you never stooped to their level. Follow Serena's non-profit @officialnomorebullying on Instagram and help change the world through kindness!

Cover art shot by Brooke Boyer

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