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Start the Week Over on recording their latest music

Start the Week Over (often abbreviated to "STWO") is a New York based power-pop band. Formed in the spring of 2019, friends Bobby Gioiosa (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Wikstrom (Guitar, Keys), Stephen Dorris (Drums), Cooper Gould (Guitar, Keys, Mandolin) and Amanda Pasqualini (Bass) started to write songs and play open mics while growing their local following. The band released their debut single "Daisytop" to international acclaim and a chart placement on Hype Machine. They quickly followed up with "Blackberry Gin", alongside their first music video. In March of 2020, STWO released their debut "Wonderland EP" , blending their punk roots with well-crafted pop-rock ambitions.

The band was separated during the pandemic, but continued to write and record new music over Discord. Embracing the chaos of the world they found themselves in, the band challenged themselves to write compelling pop songs that blend their broadest influences. Inspired by everything from Carly Rae Jepsen and The 1975 to Dance Gavin Dance and Modern Baseball, Start the Week Over promises to always keep you on your toes. They kicked off 2021 with the release of “Up Tonight”, “Keepaway”, “Sex In Berlin” and their upcoming single “Losing Control”

“Up Tonight” is an upbeat emo-rock song about confessing your love for someone through the simple act of staying up together. The track takes influence from emo revival like Modern Baseball and Into It. Over It., but features a Deftones inspired breakdown (1:43), and a stripped acoustic outro (2:32).

Listen to our full interview with Start the Week Over to hear about their music influences and recording their new music!


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