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Candice Lee sends a message of hope on her latest release 'How We Used To'

Candice Lee is a down to earth, authentic and inspiring powerhouse with a wholesome spirit. Her music displays a pop/rock edge with a hint of EDM. She is a multitalented singer-songwriter, guitarist, harpist, pianist, bassist, and ukulele player.

Candice’s release “Feel the Same” in collaboration with highly recognized producer KXA has amassed over 400k streams to date. Feel the Same is “an infectious pop track with an irresistible beat and a relatable theme” as noted by Alternative Sound. As a committed artist and social media influencer, Candice has grown her account and her fan base by creating and posting a new #MusicMonday video every week since 2013. She remains dedicated to connecting with her followers by personally interacting and encouraging others to use music to express themselves.

As a passionate songwriter, Candice draws from her own experiences and emotions producing a sincere sense of familiarity and relatability through her heartfelt lyricism. Candice radiates positivity and gathers strength from adversity thus empowering her fans to be optimistic in the face of negative forces and reminds them that they are not alone. Small in stature, but big in sound, this charismatic young woman sparkles when she steps on stage and her unique music will leave you wanting more.

I’ve read that you can play many different instruments! What instruments can you play? How long have you been playing for?

Yes, I do play many instruments! In addition to singing, I started studying classical guitar 15 years ago, at the age of 6, and started playing the harp 8 years ago. I am also self-taught on piano, bass (electric and double bass), and ukulele.

Your latest single, ‘How We Used To’ is such a gorgeous song. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Thank you so much! “How We Used To” was inspired by the pandemic, but intended to endure, as we all long for the stability of what was. The song shifts from anxious feelings to images of hope, as a reminder that although we face common human emotions, struggles, and challenges, we will ultimately transition to a brighter time. I wanted to normalize intense emotions, such as anxiety, that people may be experiencing during these unprecedented times. I want the song to remind people that their feelings are valid and while unpleasant, it’s okay to feel that way.

What was the writing process like for this song? Has your writing process changed during the pandemic?

I actually wrote a lot of the lyrics while I was taking a walk. I was feeling those intense emotions that I mentioned before and was still processing everything that was going on in the world and dealing with all of the unknowns. I was feeling anxious, lonely, depressed, etc. and I wanted to express those feelings in the way I know how to best, through writing music. My recording process definitely changed during the pandemic since I was unable to go into a studio. I had to learn how to record everything at my house. I recorded vocals in my parents’ closet and set up a mic and input to record both my harp and guitar. It definitely pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, but I’d say that it worked out well!

'How We Used To' sounds sad at first, when reflecting on life before COVID. It's something we all have done throughout the past year. The song is actually a very hopeful song though, looking ahead to the future. Why was it important for you to put out a song that reflects on the past but looks forward into the future?

It’s always important to me that my music will resonate with other people. The whole world is experiencing this pandemic and I want to remind everyone listening that they are not alone. Obviously COVID-19 is not something we can or should ignore, so I wanted to be honest and vulnerable with my feelings through my lyrics. With this being said, spreading positivity and uplifting others through my music is always a priority of mine, and I wanted to make sure the song had a hopeful aspect, looking forward to when life is back to how it used to be. That’s what the butterflies represent - a symbol of hope and transformation to a brighter time!

What can we expect that’s coming up from you? Any project in the works?

I have lots of new music in the works that I’m really excited about! I’ve also been focusing a lot on songwriting and have been collaborating with other artists/songwriters via zoom sessions for now!

What fictional character would you like to meet in real life?

If I could meet any fictional character it would be Peter Pan and/or Tinker Bell. When I was very young, I would write notes to Peter Pan and I dressed up as Tinker Bell for Halloween.

If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be?

I would love to hang out with Pat Benatar. I’m very inspired by her music and she seems super down to earth.

If you could teleport, what’s the first place you would travel to?

Hawaii! I visited once when I was in middle school and it was an incredible experience!

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