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LVRBOY on heartbreak and reflection on his latest single 'plans'

Following his Spotify editorial success and the release of his debut album, "replacing you," LVRBOY begins the rollout of his third project with the release of his new single, "plans." The song, emotional yet upbeat, was written before the launch of LVRBOY about having to cancel plans he and his ex had made and not wanting to do with anyone else.

PopRocks: When did you know you wanted to become a musician?

Honestly, I’ve always loved music since I was little. I had a band ages 15-20 and with whom I opened for bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, Eve 6, and Creed, but it wasn’t until I wanted to move to Nashville when I began seeing the future in it.

Do you have any artists that inspire your sound?

My musical influences are Lauv, LANY, Alexander 23, and U2.

I love your latest single ‘Plans’ and how it’s relatable to anyone who has gone through a breakup or even an end of a friendship. How does it feel putting it out into the world?

This one hurt to write. I had just moved back to Nashville from NYC after breaking up with my ex who I had no plans of ending things with when I moved there. Releasing “plans” honestly feels like I can put that part of my life to rest.

In ‘Plans’, you have the line “A little spot you rented off of Jefferson,” which I’m assuming might be referring to Bushwick, Brooklyn, which you also reference in "Hoodie Weather." As someone who lives in Bushwick, I love the direct references in your songwriting. How do you feel like your time in Brooklyn inspired your sound?

To be honest, Brooklyn made me. My time there, especially after things ended with my ex, was spent writing alone in my apartment. Although I went through a deep depression, a lot of self discovery happened there and, when I moved back, I was able to pull from those emotions to write a lot of great songs. With regards to the line, “little spot you rented off of Jefferson line,” yes, that’s referring to the Jefferson L stop, where she lived and we spent a lot of our time; even though we had plans to move to Manhattan.

‘Plans’ also feels like it touches on the pandemic and missing out on future plans, something that everyone is feeling. Was that intentional?

Honestly it wasn’t intentional. I wrote “plans” long before the pandemic.

You released a few singles before the pandemic, but the majority of your music was released during 2020. How does it feel to be releasing music during this time?

To be honest, I don’t think a lot of the music that has come out in 2020 would’ve come out if it weren’t for a pandemic. I had to cancel numerous tours and, because of that, I felt the way to staying relevant (especially since I had just launched LVRBOY) was to release music. I am very proud of the music I put out in 2020 and there’s so much more to come.

What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

LVRBOY is the most me I’ve ever been, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I have another EP releasing in the spring and, to be honest, I have more music than I know what to do with right now. There’s a lot in the works.

What are three albums that you can’t stop listening to lately?

LANY- Mama’s Boy

Dominic Fike- What Could Possibly Go Wrong

MuteMath- MuteMath

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