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Nino Bederan's message for the people who try and discredit him on 'Sully My Name'

Nino Bederan is a French-bred self-produced recording artist, based in New York City. With his growing discography, the young artist incorporates elements of POP and R&B music into his projects, creating an irresistibly ear grabbing style of Rap music. Having studied Hip-Hop for years along with its contemporaries, the young MC prides himself in his lyricism, consistently showcasing his intricate rhymes schemes, cinematic storytelling, and clever wordplay. Accompanied by diverse, experimental and catchy production, the young artist is blending rap's newest burgeoning melodic sound with message driven writing. Check out our interview below to learn a little bit more about Nino Bederan and "Sully My Name"

Who are some of your musical influences?

I love listening to a lot of different genres so my influences come from all across the board. Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator, Mick Jenkins, J. Cole heavily inspire my work. On the production end of things, Kenny Beats, Finneas, and Kanye really motivate me to branch and be more experimental. Their production is refreshing, raw and innovative to me.

Your music has a very distinct NYC vibe. Do you feel like the city inspires your sound?

The city definitely inspires me. With New York having such diverse sounds and a fresh bubbling drill / melodic sound with its newest hip hop acts, the city has definitely inspired me to play around with melodies and incorporate them in my songs. The city motivates me to try new things while also showing you can really make it if you establish yourself and believe in your craft.

You wrote, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered "Sully My Name" all by yourself. That's incredible! When did you start learning all of these skills?

I started learning those skills when I first started making music. I wanted to monetize my music early to see what could come from it but I couldn’t afford to buy type beats off YouTube or SoundCloud. So I got to thinking and figure since I’m already using my DAW to record music, why don’t I take full advantage of its functionalities and make my own beats. Now having creative control over my production is a must for me. I learn new things every day on all these powerful workstations.

Tell me about your latest single, "Sully My Name." What inspired the song?

This new record touches on how to deal with people who try to throw dirt on your name. The record starts with me acknowledging how people who are blood to me have tried to sully my name. As the verses begin to play, despite people’s attempts to characterize me as a “coward” because of my calm demeanor, everything I’ve done to this day (chase my dreams, decide to pursue music) contradicts those exact claims. This record is the SUBMARINER showing listeners he is nothing like they say and that any “attempt to sully his name” will always fall short.

You wrote about others wanting to see you down. What keeps you grounded and focused when writing music so that others negativity doesn't get to you?

Isolation is definitely a must. Over the years, I’ve found peace in my solace, and being alone since it allows me to take a step back from everything and re-center. The good thing about where I’m at right now is that a substantial amount of people have found beauty in my music and they tell me about how it helps them get through tough times. That kind of love and support from everyone is amazing but I would never want it to get to my head and boost my ego too much. I want to remain humble and aware that there is still a lot I need to work on. Staying alone allows me to take the good and the bad at face value to re-center and focus on myself and what I want to put out to the world which is, in retrospect, the most important.

If you had a dream collaboration for an upcoming project, who would you want to work with?

It would definitely be Kendrick Lamar. Watching him perform live on stage is an experience in itself. He has incredible stage presence, he’s raw, passionate and real. Working with him would definitely be an incredible opportunity and I definitely believe we would make timeless music together. The way he’s connected with him fan base and art over the year is second to none and I aspire to touch people in that same way. While being honest, empathetic, and myself.

What can we expect to hear from you next? Are you working on a full length / EP / mixtape?

I have certainly played around with the idea of a project for this year. It is still in the brainstorming phase but I’m currently establishing a clear direction, story and thematic. This will be my first true body of work where I’m going to give myself 100% to the people and while accepting the risks that come with it. Definitely will be exploring new sounds which will be nothing like my latest releases, but I know a new era will usher in a new and fresh idea which has me very excited. The Submariner will rise soon.

Just for fun, what TV shows have you binged lately?

WandaVision. I am a huge fan of Marvel comics, as well as DC and my stage name is also inspired by those same comics. Huge fan of the show and the movies that are going to roll out in the next few years. Rest In Peace to the beautiful Chadwick Boseman. The incredible and once in a lifetime talent. Thank you for everything.

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